Slotomania Casino Review 2024

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Players from Singapore are accepted!
Players from Singapore are accepted!

Slotomania, an online social gaming casino, was conceived and developed by Playtika, pioneering the introduction of free slots casino games on social networks. Amid the plethora of social gaming apps and websites available today, Slotomania is still the number one choice for playing free Vegas casino slots. For slot enthusiasts looking for risk-free enjoyment, this really is an excellent option. With an extensive array of exciting casino slots game options, enticing bonuses, and captivating visuals, it guarantees hours of fun.

What’s more, you can enjoy it all on mobile as well – so you can enjoy some Las Vegas magic on the go via mobile devices – whether relaxing on a sofa, commuting, or simply just out and about.

So, let’s see how you can get started enjoying some serious slot casino game fun …

About Slotomania

Slotomania, launched by Playtika in 2014, boasts an extensive collection of 160 games, including slots, puzzle games, simulation games, and skill games. This vibrant online casino accommodates a wide range of players – with game play available all across the states – even where real money gambling isn’t. Moreover, you can play Slotomania on Android, iPhone, Mac/PC/ and tablets, so there’s always a way to access its diverse array of entertaining and engaging gaming experiences – and enjoy casino game rewards to boost your play time.

How Slotomania Works

Since Slotomania is a social casino, it is primarily meant for entertainment and is not the same as gambling with actual money. To play the slot machine games, you will need free coins – Vegas Cash, which is attainable through playing slot games and claiming bonuses. You can also get additional coins and reward codes by accomplishing tasks or receiving gifts from friends – which are regularly shared on Slotomania’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

If you do run out of coins… and you want to carry on playing their Vegas downtown slots, then you can head over to the SlotoStore, Slotomania’s shop, which offers various packages that you can purchase – including Boosters and Gems.

As you would expect from a site that has been around for nigh on a decade, it is fully accessible on any device through an updated browser – and we can happily confirm that Slotomania is a legitimate mobile casino. Mobile users can even download the Slotomania casino app for free, making it an even more convenient and simple way to play your favorite slot machine.

Yes, it is. Slotomania operates within the realm of social casinos, which means that gameplay is intended solely for entertainment purposes and doesn’t involve real money payouts. As such, it falls under the category of free-to-play gaming and is not considered traditional online gambling. This model aligns with regulations governing social gaming, which means you can enjoy the thrills of slot machine games and various casino-style games without the risk of wagering real money.

However, it’s important to differentiate Slotomania’s social casino platform from traditional online casinos that do involve real money gambling, which are subject to specific regulations and licensing requirements in different jurisdictions. Before participating, players should review their local laws and regulations to ensure they are compliant. The good news is that Slotomania doesn’t fall into that category – so it is legal in practically all states… apart from Washington where there are still restrictions on sweepstakes and social online casinos.

Slotomania Bonuses and Promotions

As stated above, this is not a traditional casino – so to play you will want to get your hands on free casino game bonuses and exclusive Vegas slots rewards.

The good news is that Slotomania offers plenty of chances to claim a selection of no-deposit bonuses and rewards. All the information on free coins will be found in your profile or beneath the Slotomania casino slot machines. Here, you’ll see all your freebies, your progress on the journey map, the Daily Dash feature, and your Status Points within the Rewards program.

As you keep on playing Slotomania, you’ll also be rewarded with Lobby Bonuses – which could incorporate spins on the Mega Bonus Wheel, Special Bonus rounds – and the Lotto Bonus, all of which can dish out some great awards.

Then we come to the Boosters – which you can get through Special Bonuses or by purchasing them from the SlotoStore. These Boosters include power-ups, multipliers and even more chances to access thy Lobby Bonuses, making your journey even more rewarding.

Welcome Bonus

When you sign up, you will receive 1 million free coins that you can use to play on one of the six free casino games that are unlocked.

Slotomania Promo Codes

You will find all sorts of free slot machine rewards when you hit their social media pages and get your hands on the different Slotomania promo codes. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes – from free slot machine bonuses to tournaments and free coins. You will find these Slotomania bonus codes on Facebook, Instagram and may occasionally be sent to you directly by email.

1,000,000 Free Spins

Terms and conditions apply. 21+ Full Terms.

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Free coins

You can claim free coins via various promotions on their Facebook and Instagram pages as well as gifts from friends and rewards sent directly via email… which you can use on any of the slot machine games you have unlocked. You can also purchase them from the SlotoStore.


A booster is a feature that makes Slotomania’s bonus games even better – and can improve your gameplay for a set amount of time. The 5 different boosters include:

1: Star Dice

The Star Dice appear during the Special bonus and, like most dice, is numbered 1 to 6. Each side has a multiplier attached to it when landing. One will be replaced by a star which carries a 100x multiplier value.

2: Level Boom

This can boost your Level Up bonus by 2x up to 30x – depending on whether you are on a regular level or a level that ends in a 0. During this feature, the Level Up bar will become golden. Once this is completed, you will get a 2x multiplier or higher depending on the Level Boom you achieve.

3: Mega Bonanza

This is a booster that will apply a 2x multiplier to all of the Mega Bonus wheel segments. This is immediately used to boost whatever Mega Bonus you get.

4: Turbo

This booster will shorten the Looby Bonuses cooldown time by half – so you’ll only have to wait half the time before you can claim your next Lobby Bonus.

5: 1 Hour Power

This booster means you can collect a special bonus every 1 hour instead of every 3 hours. This one lasts for a week and you need to purchase this one. If you combine it with the Turbo booster, you can collect a bonus every 30 minutes.

You can either receive these as rewards from other promotions or you can buy them from the SlotoStore. If you purchase a booster, you can decide whether you want it to be active for 3 days or 7 days.

The Gift Section

Underneath the Slotomania slot machine collection, you’ll find the Gift section. Here, you will find your different gifts, prizes, mini-games and no-deposit bonuses. Simply click on ‘Collect’ and see which are available…

  • Coin Gifts: You can collect these from your friends
  • Mini Games: These include the Bonus Manias, Roar to Score and Ballinko Games
  • Gift Cards: You can collect from friends’ purchases
  • Mystery Gifts: Receive these from your friends
  • Coupons: No deposit bonuses and bonus codes
  • Customer Support: Sometimes the customer service team gives you special rewards
  • More Gifts: Other gifts that you may earn

You can either collect the gifts as and when you want them, or use the ‘Collect All’ feature which you can buy from the SlotoStore or activate when you become a Platinum Status member.

1,000,000 Free Spins

Terms and conditions apply. 21+ Full Terms.

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Daily Dash and Power Dash

Open the Daily Dash feature and you will find different challenges you need to complete to earn Dash points. These points will fill up the bar and let you move through the different levels.

Then we have the Power Dash which is one of the site’s weekly promotions – which is a challenge even tougher than the Daily Dash… and the bar fills up even faster when you earn more points.

Lobby Bonuses

The Lobby Bonuses are mini-games that you can play at Slotomania to receive free chips. These games are as follows:

Special Bonus

This one is the main game in the Lobby Bonus – and it depends on your level and status. This can be purchased every three hours – unless you have activated that 1 Hour Power or Turbo booster.

Mega Bonus

You can get this after you have collected either 4 Special Bonus rounds or 3 Special Bonus rounds and 1 Lotto bonus. You can spin the wheel filled with different colour wedges – with the largest prizes adorning the black and white wedges that reward 50x and 100x multipliers. You can increase these even more by using special bonuses…

  • Friends Bonus: Claim up to 30% extra
  • TRS Bonus: This depends on your reward status – you can receive between 10% to 100% more. If you are a Black Diamond member, you’ll get a mystery multiplier.

Once it is completed, you can buy a Golden Spin, which works in a similar way to the Mega Bonus, with multipliers and even more prizes. You can choose from the three different options and spin the wheel. The 30% Friends Bonus can also be applied to the Golden Spin.

Lotto Bonus

This is the least common of the Lobby Bonuses and it triggers if you manage to collect at least one Lobby Bonus per day for three consecutive days. If you miss a day, the counter will reset.

This bonus game includes 20 different Lotto balls with 8 different multipliers. The balls will be mixed in a machine and one is pulled out. Its value will be applied to your special bonus. You’ll also get an extra Reward Status Bonus.

After you have played the Lotto Bonus mini-game, you can buy the Lotto Bonus Premium which is a premium pay-to-play version of the game where you get 3 multipliers instead of 1.

1,000,000 Free Spins

Terms and conditions apply. 21+ Full Terms.

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Playtika Loyalty Program

If you really want the VIP casino treatment, then work your way up the Playtika Loyalty Program. When you start playing at Slotomania, you will be entered straight into the Slotomania VIP program – which is only available to players from the US and Canada. You receive status points as you play Slotomania free slots casino games or make purchases. Your points are evaluated every year and you will be given one of the following Slotomania statuses


You start your Slotomania journey at the Bronze level. At this initial stage, you receive a daily gift of 250 Coins. You can also send Coins gifts to friends and receive up to 50 Coins from fellow players. To reach the Silver level, you’ll need to earn a minimum of 150 SPs… which is achievable with a single purchase from the Sloto Store.


Upon attaining Silver status, another free Coins gift awaits, along with double SPs for each level-up or purchase. Even better rewards await from fan pages and shared posts, with augmented free gifts from friends. Accumulate 4,000 SPs to take the next step up to the Gold level.


Reaching the Gold status brings over double the value in Coins purchases, with a generous daily gift of 100,000 Coins from the site and even more exclusive Vegas slots rewards. Fan page gifts will also receive a pretty hefty 20x boost, while share post gifts come with a 5x multiplier. Friends can also give you up to 2,000 Coins in free gifts – and you get to enjoy more premium slot machines and exciting casino slots game options. Aim for 30,000 SPs to unlock the prestigious Platinum status.


Achieving the Platinum level brings a remarkable daily gift of 200,000 Coins from the site and even more free slot machine bonuses. Fan page gifts will now be multiplied by 40x, while shared post gifts receive a 10x boost. You will get even more free slot machines access while gifts from friends cap at 5,000 Coins, and reaching 250,000 SPs propels you to the even more exciting Diamond level.


Upon reaching Diamond status, you are well and truly a VIP player. Enjoy an impressive daily gift of 500,000 Coins from the site, with a 7x boost for purchases and more free slot machine rewards. Up to 10,000 Coins can be received from friends, while fan page gifts are subject to a remarkable 100x multiplier, and shared post gifts receive a 20x enhancement. As you accumulate 2,000,000 SPs, you ascend to the prestigious Royal Diamond level.


Just one step away from the zenith of your Slotomania journey, Royal Diamond level brings all sorts of benefits. Revel in a daily allocation of over 1,000,000 free Coins, magnified by a massive 200x multiplier for all fan page gifts. Access exclusive games reserved solely for VIP players and enjoy the privilege of a personal account manager.


Climbing to the peak of the Playtika Rewards Program requires an impressive 8,000,000 SPs. The mystery shrouding Black Diamond’s offerings is tantalizingly preserved by the Slotomania team, who intriguingly assert that ‘what happens in Black Diamond, stays in Black Diamond’!

Other Promotions

There will be various other Slotomania promotions and free casino game bonuses available on the site, which will be updated regularly – giving you even more ways to play free Vegas casino slots.

Slotomania Game Selection

If you are looking for some serious slot casino game fun, then you will find all sorts on offer at Slotomania. With a selection of premium slot machines, jackpot slots, Vegas downtown slots and more.

Slotomania features a collection of about 156 free slot machines, all from Playtika – a typical number for social casinos. Among these, approximately 140 are video slots, while 16 are dedicated to jackpot slots. Notably, table games and live dealer options are absent from Slotomania’s offerings.

Online Slots

Slotomania’s complete lineup exclusively comprises slot machines, spanning an array of themes such as mythology, fairy tales, animals, fantasy, and adventure. Within this assortment, our Slotomania casino review revealed a mix of progressive and fixed jackpot games. As you accumulate XP and advance through Slotomania casino levels, access to larger and more captivating games becomes attainable.

Upon commencing your Slotomania casino journey, you’ll encounter these initial six slots:

  • Crazy Train: If you’re after a crazy slots game, then this Playtika game is worth a look
  • Medusa Magic: This Playtika slot offers 50 paylines and a magical experience.
  • King of the North: With 25 paylines, this can dish out some royal rewards.
  • Pass the Cunning: This tricky all-ways pays game offers 243 ways to win.
  • Silver Jr: Cross your palm with silver with this 50-payline Playtika game.
  • Mighty Silver Deluxe: Enjoy mighty wins with this 5-payline progressive jackpot Slotomania game.

If you want a crazy slots game experience, then start with these six, keep on playing and wait for even more Slotomania free slot game options. When you reach the Black level of the VIP program, the all-immersive casino, Slotomania will offer all sorts of top titles – jackpot party and so many jackpots! They have also added a new vertical slot machine, SlotoCity All Stars, where you can enjoy an even bigger and better display as the number of reels grows.

Table Games

Unfortunately, there are no table game options – Slotomania is for slots fans only.

1,000,000 Free Spins

Terms and conditions apply. 21+ Full Terms.

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Slotomania Casino Banking Options

Slotomania game play is all about free slot spins – and you can enjoy your slots adventure without spending any money. However, you may wish to purchase virtual items for even more slots excitement…

Deposit options

As a social casino, the process of depositing funds and withdrawing winnings does not apply. All games throughout the site are entirely free to enjoy – but also don’t pay out any real money wins. The slots games are simply for fun game play only. The gaming at Slotomania revolves around the use of the site’s proprietary Coins, which hold no real monetary value. When you join, you’re greeted with a substantial welcome package – and then you can continue working your way through the site earning more coins in a variety of different ways – such as daily logins and simply by enjoying the free slots game collection.

Should you wish to spend even more time enjoying the game offerings, purchasing additional Coins is an option (although you can disable in app purchases if you don’t want to spend your money). The site offers a number of coin packages that you can purchase – often accompanied by special offers featuring reduced prices on popular Coins bundles. If you do wish to purchase special Slotomania coin packages, then you can do so using major debit and credit cards, with alternative methods including PayPal, iDeal, and Sofort, depending on where you live. To discover available payment options, simply consult the dropdown menu within your account.

Withdrawal Methods

As mentioned previously, you cannot win real money when you play Slotomania Games. These are simply free slots casino games and therefore there are no withdrawal options. However, you can still enjoy a super rewarding game experience.

Slotomania on Mobile

Slotomania’s app is all about embracing the “social” aspect of a social casino. Its vibrant visuals and well-sized icons make it super easy to navigate. Just as on the desktop version, the familiar host, Lucy, accompanies you through the experience – a notable feature absent in real money casino apps.

The different Slotomania casino slot machines all work seamlessly across all devices, ensuring you can enjoy the best slot machine experience at all times. As long as you have a solid internet connection, you can also enjoy the different ongoing promotions, Slotomania casino bonus codes, and the coveted Slotomania no-deposit bonuses, so you can join millions and enjoy the best experience and a taste of Las Vegas magic, no matter where you are

If you don’t want to download the app, direct access via your preferred browser is an option. However, it’s worth noting that the site’s optimization for browsers isn’t as well designed as the mobile app. But, despite this, Slotomania shows a commitment to providing an engaging and accessible casino experience that remains resolute.

Customer Service

Just because you are playing slot games within a free-to-play social casino, that doesn’t mean you don’t need help or assistance from time to time… after all, you may be purchasing coins with your own real money! Technical hitches can disrupt any device – and queries may arise… such as how to make a purchase or how to participate in a tournament etc – or even how a slot machine works. Thankfully, the social casino platform has an easily accessible customer support team.

To access support, open up your profile by tapping your player icon at the screen’s top-left corner. Scroll down to the Customer Support tab, which opens a new window. Here, you’ll discover all sorts of help files and videos that could possibly help with your query.

However, should further assistance be required, simply open a support ticket, outlining the issue that you are having. A member of the customer support team will promptly reach out to address your concern. With round-the-clock assistance at your disposal, you should be sorted in no time.

Slotomania Review: Conclusion

To start with, Slotomania offers an exceptionally generous welcome bonus package, giving all new players a massive bonus of one million Coins. Among social casinos, this offer stands as one of the very best we’ve ever seen. Complementing this is an enticing rewards program, showering players who manage to ascend to the upper echelons with proper VIP casino treatment as they enjoy casino game rewards aplenty. These higher tiers also grant exclusive access to slot games that are locked to others.

In the realm of social casinos, Slotomania is certainly one of the best out there. While it may lack recognizable titles from prominent software providers like NetEnt and Microgaming, the Playtika exclusive slot games are great. The captivating array of online slots at Slotomania speaks for itself, promising an abundance of exhilaration and anticipation within the social casino landscape. You may not win real money, but slots fans can certainly have a very entertaining time… completely free!

1,000,000 Free Spins

Terms and conditions apply. 21+ Full Terms.

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Slotomania FAQs

  • Is Slotomania Casino Safe and Secure?

    Indeed, Slotomania provides a secure and trusted social casino platform. With a reputable presence in the social casino sphere, Slotomania, operated by Playtika Limited, has garnered a solid reputation. Its substantial social media following, exceeding 13 million followers, further underscores its credibility. Both the desktop site and the mobile app employ advanced encryption technology to safeguard your data and activities, ensuring a secure gameplay experience.

  • Can I Win Real Money at Slotomania?

    No, this is a for fun casino online, full of free slot machines and casino games. You can only play with Slotomania coins which have no redeemable value. This is not real money gambling.

  • Is It Easy To Make a Purchase at Slotomania?

    Yes, you can open up the SlotoStore and purchase coins using credit and debit cards as well as PayPal. However, you can enjoy free slot machines access without spending any money.

Players from Singapore are accepted!
Players from Singapore are accepted!
1,000,000 Free Spins
Play Now
Players from Singapore are accepted!
Players from Singapore are accepted!


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Pros & Cons

  • A generous signup and deposit offers
  • Is legal and available across multiple regions of the US
  • Lots of slot game options
  • Excellent apps
  • There aren't as many customer support channels available as at other online social casinos
  • Limited global availability


  • Deposit Methods:
    iDeal, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, Sofort, Visa
  • Currencies Available:
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    Android App, Desktop Website, iOS App, Mobile Website